Namastay Clips was created during quarantine in 2020, when many hours were freed up to do yoga and to think about ways to improve the practice. It’s a passion project made by yoga lovers for yoga lovers. The spark of inspiration: the continued feeling that we weren’t getting the most out of classes because we were too busy adjusting to our towels. Frustrated by this nagging problem, we got to work to create the perfect solution - the first ever set of yoga clips that secure your towel in place on the mat.  

Hey! I’m Nicole — marathoner, therapist, reformed banker, East Coast native, L.A. transplant, and lover of all things yoga. Yoga has been special to me through the ups and downs — I turn to it when I’m feeling anxious or stressed, when I’ve wanted warmth during East Coast winters, when I need to stretch after a long run, or when I’m looking to unwind. That’s why I designed Namastay Clips — so you can turn to yoga for whatever it is that brought you to your mat, with more time to focus on your practice and less time wasted sweating the small stuff.