• Meet the Founder

    Hi, I'm Nicole! Yoga has been special to me through the ups and downs — I turn to it when I’m feeling anxious or stressed, when I’ve wanted warmth during East Coast winters, when I need to stretch after a long run, or when I’m looking to unwind. Frustrated that I was always readjusting the towel that was scrunching up under my hands and feet during class, I set out to invent a simple solution. That’s why I designed Namastay Clips — so you can turn to yoga for whatever it is that brought you to your mat, with more time to focus on your practice and less time wasted sweating the small stuff.

Tired of your yoga towel slipping?

So were we.

why settle when you can upgrade your yoga flow?

  • Creative Problem Solving

    We started by testing lots of different solutions to this problem - we tried using clips, buttons, magnets to see what would hold the towel the best.

  • Detailed Design

    We iterated on multiple prototypes, thinking through all the essential design elements including: temperature resistant, flat surface, grippy teeth, easy turn-screw, compatibility with any mat / towel combination

  • Final Touches

    Once we had the perfect clip, we knew we had to think of a fun way to carry them. We came up with a "fanny pack" to store your clips in, that wraps around your mat so you can take them with you wherever you go.

  • Patented Yoga Clips

    Goodbye scrunched up yoga towels. Our patented yoga clips are the only yoga accessory on the market that prevents slippage. At some point, nonslip yoga towels, blocks, and straps were all bold & new. Now, the next great yoga accessory is here.